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Spherical Plain Bearing

  • Spherical Plain Bearing
  • Spherical Plain Bearing
  • Spherical Plain Bearing
Spherical Plain BearingSpherical Plain BearingSpherical Plain Bearing

Spherical Plain Bearing

  • Material:chrome steel
  • Sample:Avaliable
  • Service:OEM ODM
  • Precision Rating:ABEC1 ABEC3 ABEC5
  • Product description: Spherical Plain Bearing

Spherical plain bearing  GE..E, GE..ES,GE..GE GE6 C


Type Structure Designation Size Range (ID)
Radial Fitting Crack GE..E, GE..ES,GE..GE, GEF..ES 4-200mm
Wide Inner Ring GEEW..ES 20-80mm
Two Pieces GEXS/K, GEKXS 20-150mm
Inch Dimension GEZ...ES, GEGZ...ES, GEWZ...ES 1/2"-6"
Maintenance-free GE..C, GEG..C,GEE..T, GEX..T, GEGXT, GEZET 4-200mm
Angular Contact Normal GACS 20-200mm
Inch Dimension GACZS 1/2"-6"
Maintenance-free GACT 20-200mm
Thrust Normal GXS 20-200mm
Maintenance-free GXT 20-200mm
Rod End Combination SI..E, SI..ES, SA..E, SA..ES 5-60mm
Maintenance-free SIJKC, SIC, SAJKC, SAET, SAC 5-60mm
Inlaid Liner SI..BPS, SA..BPS 5-60mm
Welding Shank SK..ES, SF..ES 20-60mm
Ball Joint One shank SQD 5-16mm
Straight SQZ 5-20mm
Winding Shape SQ 5-20mm

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