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Precision magnetic encoders for the toughest environments

Application Note: Precision magnetic encoders for the toughest environments: Wachendorff’s customised WDGA encoders endure the harsh conditions on AT-Boretec’s horizontal boring machinery

Shock and vibration-resistant absolute rotary encoders from Wachendorff Automation are providing precision position feedback for the automated feeding of pipe components as part of a control system on AT-Boretec’s horizontal boring machines. Providing a cost effective alternative to traditional trench digging methods for laying broadband services, water supplies and other underground systems, these mobile construction industry machines operate under harsh environmental and mechanical conditions where reliability and long trouble-free working life are of prime importance. Represented in the UK by Variohm EuroSensor, Wachendorff is a technology leader in automation measurement systems with a comprehensive standard range of incremental and absolute encoders and a customisation service for demanding severe-duty position measurement tasks across all industries.


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